Teddy Bear Quilt

Teddy Bear Quilt
I made this quilt as a baby gift for someone I work with. I made my own pattern by doodling ideas until I was happy with the shape of the bear, ball, balloons etc and then enlarged them on a photocopier until I was happy with the size of them.
I then arranged them on another piece of paper roughly the size of the quilt I was aiming for.

I traced all of the pieces onto iron-on interfacing (in reverse) and cut these out before ironing on to my chosen fabrics. Being the terrible hoarder that I am, I didn’t need to buy anything for this quilt, it was made entirely from offcuts that I had collected over the years. Once the pattern pieces had been ironed on to the fabrics, I then trimmed around the pieces leaving about 5mm or so to turn under which I then tacked around by hand.

I wanted to add a bit of dimension to the quilt so each pattern piece had a piece of wadding/batting cut to just slightly smaller than itself to lightly pad out the design. I cut the leg and arm of the bear seperately so that they would stand out a little more naturally than if it had been cut from one piece. I used a fabric marker pen to put the letters on the building blocks and then ironed them to set the ink/dye. I then washed them by hand to be sure that they wouldn’t run and ruin the quilt after it was finished. The embroidery to the balloons was done using a simple back stitch through the fabric and wadding/batting before attaching them to the quilt.


Using my pattern as a guide, I then laid out the pieces where I wanted them and tacked them to the facing fabric checking once again that I was happy with their placement before starting to stitch them in place permanently. All of the pattern pieces were attached by hand using tiny (well tiny-ish) running stitches punctuated with the odd back stitch to keep them from gathering if I pulled too hard. The teddy bear’s leg and arm were stitched on seperately with more wadding/batting underneath to give a little depth. I used fabric marker pen for his eye and nose and embroidery floss for the mouth and to accentuate the ear and eye. Nylon cord was used for the balloon strings leaving the ends slightly frayed. This was stitched along its length to the facing fabric and tied around the bottom of the balloons before they were finally stitched down.

Teddy Bear

Once everything was attached to the facing fabric, I then tacked on the wadding/batting for the quilt itself. Then I quilted around the edges of all the items on the quilt to hold the wadding/batting in place. I then tacked the backing fabric to the back of the quilt and machine stitched around the edges, through all three layers and also across the top and bottom of the building blocks.

To make the edging, I tore 2½cm wide strips from the remainder of the cotton fabrics used in the quilt and then machine stitched the strips together to make a band of stripes. I then cut this straight down the middle of the strips and then stitched these two pieces together repeating this until I had a long enough length to go around the edge of the quilt. Once I had the length, I used the machine to sew the strip around the outside of the front of the quilt before turning the free edge under and slip stitching this to the reverse.

This took me about two evenings to complete.

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